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heavily armored vehicles that we just saw go by, the camera that we have in watertown, that is where they all seem to have converged, very much what appears to be main street watertown, massachusetts. so you just have to wonder what has drawn the police to this very central area of watertown, massachusetts right now. as i say we did hear that one explosion, don't know if it was an explosion or gunfire. it was a limited -- it was just that one loud noise that we heard, at least from the vantage point that we could hear it from, but clearly there is a very, very -- just around the corner from where you're looking right now is a very heavy concentration of armored vehicles. so clearly the police are keeping everybody well back from that location right now, and we will see if indeed they are onto something here. we've had a couple of false alarms. the the police have as well. they are taking everything extremely seriously because they want more than anything right now to bring this second younger
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suspected accomplice into custody so that they can learn exactly where all of this came from and hopefully bring him in alive. that is the goal of the police in boston right now. fbi is on the scene, atf is own the scene. campus university police are also serving on the scene. there simply could not be a stronger concentration of law enforcement personnel anywhere in the the country right now as there is in the small blue collar town of watertown, massachusetts that find itself so in the middle of the focus this morning. you have to believe that folks felt that the worst of this had taken place on monday at that finish line, and those two bombings that left 160 people injured and three people dead, but last night it exploded in a whole new way, an explosion, a car chase with these two suspects after a quick stop at a 711, they carjacked another man, stole his mercedes.
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thankfully they spared his life. he was pushed out of his own car, he ran into the 711 and said they are trying to kill me. the people in the 711 thought that he was drunk until they finally realized that he was just in complete shock and was indeed revealing to them that he had literally just been in the car driving around for 30 minutes with these two suspects. what a harrowing experience that must have been for him. then tamerlan the older brother, 26 years old in this family that we are learning a lot about this morning, the 26-year-old who is now dead was -- had bullet wound in the shootout with the police after he and his brother threw explosives out of their moving car. unfortunately they could not save him at the hospital in order to get nor or ou get more out of him. he he had shrapnel in his body. which leads everybody to believe he was going to set off another bomb in this nightmare that has
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gripped this whole area of boston and cambridge and watertown, wonderful towns in great state of massachusetts that have been rocked in a way they have never experienced before. this it is a very difficult day and he is still at large, so we will continue with our breaking news coverage of this story. joined now by jon scott and jenna lee as well. jon: what an incredible 18 hours it has been, martha. just since 5:00pm eastern time yesterday when the police released the pictures, the fbi released these pictures, to you will lee not these pictures, b but -- released these pictures of the suspects and what events have transpired since then. jenna: you can see what is very much a developing story. we have some answers today that we didn't have yesterday including the names of these two suspects. the man on your screen right now is suspect number two. he was the one with the white hat that we saw yesterday during the fbi briefing at 5:00pm. his older brother, tamerlan, you've heard that name, was
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killed overnight during a chase with law enforcement officers. there are still a lot of questions about that, including how did this younger brother get away. jon: that is the person they are looking for now. martha has been bringing you coverage of the scene in watertown, massachusetts where shots and possibly some kind of an explosion was heard. it has been a chaotic morning on the streets in and around boston primarily watertown where a number of officers have been converging on various locations still looking for 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, the suspect in the white hat that the fbi realliesed the pictures -- released the pictures of 18 hours ago at 5:00pm. the suspect in the white hat believed to have been seen placing one of the pack pwa packs at -- backpacks at the finish line ass boston marathon, the bomb that exploded and killed among others that 8-year-old little boy.
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dzhokhar tsarnaev still on the lose and apparently unhurt. his brother, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev killed in the middle of the night after a firefight with police, whether he died from police bullets, or whether he died from some kind of an explosive device he was carrying with him or maybe had on his person that is yet to be determined. jenna: we are working on getting you best live pictures as possible. the presence of law enforcement in this area of watertown, massachusetts is about as much as we've ever seen in any live situation to date. you just saw some of those vehicles turn around the corner. we are awaiting a press briefing on the ground in watertown. mike tobin is live on the scene there with more context for us today. mike. >> reporter: let me first break in with a little bit of news that we are getting from our justice department producer mike levin. this is very compelling in that he is saying that dzhokhar tsarnaev was able to withdraw money during the heat of all of
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these gun battles. the gun battle itself happened around 10:48 p.m. we see according to the justice department context at 11:18 last night dzhokhar was able to drop by the bank here in watertown and withdraw money from the bank of america. now beyond that i want to update you as far as the context, and as far as the timeline how this all transitioned from the early reports we got that this was a common robbery, a violent robbery, one that took a police officer's life, but something that wasn't necessarily connected to the bombings, to something that was a pursuit of the bombers of the boston marathon. this information coming to us from dave from the massachusetts state police. he said the first point that made them aware who they were dealing with happened at the 711. he said that piece of evidence that came from the 711 was obvious, meaning the photograph that we have now sheen, the picture that we have seen of
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dzhokhar tsarnaev with the gray hoodie. they identified him, they knew they were onto the guy because he was there at the 711. then as the pursuit took place, some of the police officers made a visual confirmation. they said it was both dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother tamerlan, so they knew they were in hot pursuit at that point. then, finally, after tamerlan was pronounced dead they made a visual confirmation that that indeed was the black hat, the individual previously known as suspect number one, the name now identified as tamerlan tsarnaev, his brother previously known as suspect number two is still at large. there should be one other point that i got from dave with the state police that should be relayed. we talk about the fact that it's still a volatile situation with the unexploded bombs that are in the street in watertown behind me. there is a reason that the bombs are still there, still volatile, still unexploded, the eod teams
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have not done away with them yet and that is simple, because the manhunt right now takes priority. all of the resources are going to the manhunt. a few of the bombs we have heard have been apparently disposed of in controlled detonations. as far as the rest of them they are leaving them in place investing the resources into getting this very dangerous person off the street. after that they'll begin the secondary task of cleaning the unexploded ordinance off the street. they are described as homemade ied's not necessarily hand grenades as we heard originally or dynamite that could have been purchased through some other means. these are things that the two individual according to state police anyway manufactured on their own and hurled them at the state police during these big gun battles. jenna: really important reporting for us in what you just told us. i'll tell our viewers when we get that police briefing we'll go straight to the scene and bring you the latest information. mike, two points, one, tell us again, quickly about the money
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that was withdrawn. it was in the area of watertown, do we know how much money was withdrawn and what was the timeline on that, and the part two to that is we keep on hearing about the 711 robbery, but yet we haven't heard exactly what was taken from the 711. do we have any more information about that? why are they calling that a robbery? he. >> reporter: the context gets a little interesting. it really seems now that what happened is the 711 itself wasn't robbed, but the carjacking of the mercedes suv took place at that location. and there is one more point i should share with you beyond that. the owner of that mercedes suv also relayed to police something that was said by one or both of the suspects there, that again led them to believe they indeed were onto the suspects for the boston marathon bombing. so it may be a bit misleading to talk about the robbery at the 711 when it seems what really happened now is a carjacking at the 711, jenna. jenna: after that what is the
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timeline for withdrawing money at the bank of america? >> reporter: it's really remarkable, it was about 10:48 when the reports started coming in about the gun battle that was being relayed to us as a violent robbery but not really connected to the bombings. we see from mike levine and his federal sources that 11 ao*z 18 bryan stow dropped by the bank of america in watertown square and withdrew money. when you withdraw money from an atm that leaves evidence. if you go to a bank you'll be caught on security video. skrepjenna. skwro*pz it i-p -p. jon: it is ten minutes after the hour. there might be folks sitting down with their morning coffee and turning on the television set and finding out what an incredible turn of events has taken place in watertown, magazines mass where there have been gun battles. one police officer is dead, one other hospitalized, one of the suspects in the boston marathon
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bombing is dead and police are now pursuing his younger brother, identified as 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. now this case, because he is some kind of an immigrant from apparently chechnya has international implications. jennifer griffin is our national security correspondent joining us live from washington. what is the latest there, jennifer? >> reporter: jon, right now it looks like all of the effort right now is to try and find suspect number two this 19-year-old who is on the run. there have been a few dead-end including a gray civic with massachusetts plates, or a crv, a gray crv they were looking for for some time, they found it. it's empty. its not clear if he is on foot right now. but they continue to sort of shift the perimeter quite a bit. it's very interesting to see some of the reaction from these
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two brothers' families. the "associated press" reached the father of the two terrorists, he's living overseas next to chechnya, a part of russia, part of dagastan. he says as always in these situations it seems that this is son was skwruf such a nice boy, he was a second year med student studying at the university of whats mass at their northwestern campus, in his second year of med school we are told. he was supposedly by all accounts even from those who went to high school with him he was a star student, he was a star at lease. he was a wrestler. he had received $2,500 in scholarship money from the local community so that he could go to college. he went to boston's elite public school cambridge rindge latin, it's a well-known school where
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ben affleck, matt damon and others attended. it's interesting as authorities try to piece together whether he and his brother left the country and whether they went overseas tore training and where the training would have been. we are hearing everything from afghanistan, central asia, to also north africa and libya. jon: we know, jennifer that not far where where you are in maryland an uncle has been providing information to the authorities, clearly there are some family members who are appalled by these developments, and are helping out, but apparently it's a far-flung widespread family and everybody is going to come under some kind of suspicion until proven otherwise. >> reporter: this is a chechen family that came to the united states, we are told, over ten years ago, that was back in 2003. this young suspect that we are looking for right now he would have been two years old -- sorry, he would have been nine years old at the time when he came to the states. so he was young. he spent much of his life here
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it seems. he's very american niced. has he ao when you look at that video he and his brother could blend in so well because they've been studying here. his older brother who has since been killed, he was a boxer, he was studying on and off for the last few years at several community colleges in boston, including bunker hill, so -- it's not clear -- what the end game with these two were. are they part of a larger cell? are they isolated and now that the older brother who appeared to be the leader is gone, is this guy going to turn himself in, or is he going to try and -- is he wearing a bomb belt? the authorities believe any of the above is possible at this point. jon: jennifer griffin our national security correspondent reporting from washington. thank you. martha. martha: a couple of things i want to mention here is that amtrak service between boston and down to new york and washington, the service into boston is -- they will make a decision about when they are
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going to row zoom that. obviously that is part of this whole hock down, they are not wanting to give anybody an easy way to get out of town. let's kind of go over the major developments that we have right now for this second suspect in the boston marathon bombing. here is what we know right now. early this morning one of the two suspects in the boston marathon bombing was killed. there is an active manhunt on right now for his brother who somehow got away from that intense police scene where his brother was shot and killed. they later also found shrapnel in his body. now the focus is on 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he is a chechen immigrant, a student who has attended boston area schools as jennifer talked about, the cambridge rindge latin, very prestigious cambridge public school that ben affleck, and matt damon and patrick euwing have attended. he was there for the past few
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years. about 6:45 this morning authorities put a name to his face and started to piece this all together. right now you have massive police presence in 4 one central area in watertown, massachusetts, literally lined from side to side with armored vehicles. the schools in boston, the tra thans transas we just said in boston all shut down in an effort to make sure that he cannot get out. they are hoping that they have him surrounded, and that one way or another they will find him. let's go to jenna. we'll bring if a guest who my have more insight into how the search goes on for this. jenna: so many questions still remain as we continue to piece together what is actually going on with this investigation. we still don't know a couple key things. for example, why? why did these two commit this crime that they allegedly did? charlie payne is a former chief at the department of homeland securitier for bombing prevention. charlie you've be watching the news as we have trying to piece
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together over the last 12 hours what is actually going on with the manhunt. what stands out most to you today? >> you've got a wide area. there is a lot of details, a lot of locations, there is a the love safety hazards that -- a lot of safety hazard presented to the officers today that they have to rule out along the way. one them is always in this situation obviously going ton the explosive devices. those officers have to have the awareness of how to conduct their routine procedures, or their crisis procedures that they are doing now and high-risk warrant service. jenna: we see the police officers on our screen and some of them are standing around, some of them are in movement. how difficult is it to try to clear an area that at least at this time we think is maybe 20 blocks, there is a 20-block perimeter around the area that they are focused on. >> i uncomplicated. you have to communicate with the citizens and others in the area. this is a little different because there is a city-wide
8:18 am
lockdown. it requires a lot of communication ancic row nicing -- sing ro syncronizing and what is going to be the perimeter. jenna: we heard around 10:20, that around 10:45 we were expecting a briefing from police. then there was abg to of it in the area. we heard some gunshots. police cars speeding away. it looked like other enforcements coming in. they were on the move, kwaoeu quite frankly and we weren't sure what to make of it. we don't know who was doing the shooting. we are waiting for a lot of information from the press briefing. charlie, as far as the information that is out there so far, where does the search go from here? are they literally going door to door and checking out homes in this area? how do you track this by gown? >> i think it's important to realize that there is more method to the madness map there
8:19 am
are leads that the law enforcement folks have amassed over the days. they are executing on those and on evidence that is being derived from the movements of the suspects, and conversations, just any number of things. that is what is driving them to the locations. and so, you know it's an organized effort, and they are just moving to try to find this guy. jenna: because of your experience in bomb prevention, i have to ask you a question that is on everybody's mind. just how safe are 0 we right now in the city of boston our fellow americans and around the country? there are some questions being raised, are these the only two? how concerned should we be? charlie, what do you think about that. >> that is a question folks have asked for many years, and what you have to do is you have to realize that citizen awareness, officer awareness, and understanding that the threat is real, but we have to go on with our daily lives, because you can't predict if there are cells
8:20 am
in this many cities, or this many malls are going to be under a threat. so what you have to do is you have to live your daily life in a way that allows a free and open society but also understand that the threat of terrorism and ied's is real and it's the most prominent threat really that we have today other than probably cyber. jenna: let's tal talk a little bit about the srao the devices, the ied's not only at the boston marathon but the devices that were thrown overnight. what can we tell from the material in these explosives? how telling are they about who these guys are, what they are looking to accomplish and how they put these things together? >> the primary think you can derive from it is these guys have -- these suspects, now only one, has elected to us ao improper he viced exemploys -- improvised explosives devices, probably homemade as a tactic.
8:21 am
they are using to attack the marathon and using it to protect themselves and may have had other devices designed intended for other attacks. you don't want to suppose those things, because there is an ongoing investigation and we need to let the law enforcement folks and ausa work through that. you realize that explosive devices and their manufacture was a primary tactic and they had that knowledge from somewhere. jenna: thank you so much. appreciate the experience. part of dhs, bomb prevention, great to have you on the program. jon: we are awaiting that news conference from the mas mass state police -- massachusetts state police. it has been delayed. we will take you there live and get the latest information when it does take place. what an incredible 18 and a half hours it has been since 5:00pm last night when the fbi released the photos of two white males. later they had the dent flyings, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev -- identification, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, and his 26-year-old brother tamerlan
8:22 am
tsarnaev immigrants from chechnya, as of this moment tamerlan is dead. the hunt goes on for his brother. incredible police presence on the streets of watertown, massachusetts. more in just a moment. i don't like to golf.
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is behind us to the right.
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you go down two more city blocks and you will be at the finish line. you cannot pass because boylston street has been barricaded here. what you're watching now is watertown massachusetts, ten miles straight west, straight out the charles river you hit the town of watertown. that is where the activity has been so far today. but to stand here, jon, you cannot go 30 seconds without hearing a siren pass a massachusetts turnpike underneath us. that is what is happening here, a than now we have at least someone at the microphone there. let's go back to you now in new york for that. jon: state police taking questions in watertown. let's listen in. >> not a suspect in this. i'm not sure what really is our attention to the person, they are running anytime, his background. >> david percopio. we'll leave the rest of the briefing -- [. [inaudible question]
8:27 am
>> the staging area is in the national mall parking lot. [inaudible question] jon: that makes late more sense. we had been told that there would be a state police briefing coming from that bank of microphones in watertown. all of a sudden somebody was speaking and we thought the briefing was underway. it appears that is not the official briefing, that is yet to come. bill hemmer we interrupted your reporting a moment ago. let's go back to you. >> reporter: no, problem. i wanted viewers to understand that based on our location here in boston's back bay, i90 the massachusetts turnpike literally runs right underneath us here and boylston street is off to my right. you cannot go 30 seconds without hearing a siren, and this has been the pattern for the last hour. whether it leads to the capture of this man i do not know and cannot say at the moment. something i can moving on the story and let's hope they this
8:28 am
zeroed in on their guy. what is stunning to watch here jones is i just showed you the finish line down behind me and the metal barricades behind me. that goes west to east along boylston street. the runners on the marathon in monday afternoon would have been headed that direction down boylston street to the finish line. what the fbi told us yesterday is that they saw the explosives being dropped, two separate bombs, one planted by this 19-year-old from russia heading westbound on boylston street. it is conceivable that if you look down this road and glance off to my right, there are several routes that you can literally walk down boylston street hang a right and disappear down on newberry street, or com ave and take the bridge over the charles river to where this started 13 hours ago. it's conceivable that you could see the escape route for these
8:29 am
two young monday afternoon. what is truly surprising for everyone who is waving us a i cross that river and over that bridge if that's where they went and stayed that is about a quarter mile from the finish line here in boston. they did not go far at all in the end possibly. jon back to you. jon: bill hemmer there at the finish line of the boston marathon where just four days ago all of the horrors in this story began. that is when the two bombs went off at the finish line killing an 8-year-old boy, and two young women. the most appalling part of all this terrorists who take the lives of two women and a little boy and injure and maim 160 other people. jenna: we can't for quit the mit security guard also killed this morning as well, another officer injured. so this is the reason why the fbi continues to tell us that the man you're seeing on your screen there dzhokhar is armed and dangerous. according to what we've learned so far there have been shots exchanged over the last 12 hours
8:30 am
between law enforcement and the man that you see on your screen. just want to mention something before we go down to d.c. our bret baier is standing by with brand-new information about what happened overnight. we want to mention that umass dartmouth shut down their campus website earlier today. the reason why it's relevant is they announced that the suspect is a registered student at the university and currently happening now is an evacuation of that campus. schools in the area whether it's elementary schools, handgunses or universities have closed down, as has the entire city of boston virtually closed down to help law enforcement just clear the streets and keep everyone out of the way as they try to find the wanted man on your screen. bret baier is with us, we have about 90 seconds before a quick break. tell us what you can about what you've learned about what transpired overnight. >> reporter: just to reiterate what you're saying how dangerous this situation. the throwing out of home-made
8:31 am
bombs out of that carrow figureses tell us that they were pipe bombs and home frayed grenades and at least one pressure cooker. cooker one of the type of bombs used at the explosion. i said earlier that officials who have been briefed, sources told us up on capitol hill they would like to take dzhokhar tsarnaev alive. they would, for intel purposes to see if there are other plots, other people involved but the number one priority is keeping people safe, to make sure that the population in boston is safe. and if it comes to it, they will do what it takes to take him out. jenna: we certainly have seen that this morning with the brother being killed. we still don't know the details about that. but he was exchanging fire apparently with law enforcement in the area. who these men are, and why they did this are still questions we have today. more after a quick break here on fox news as we continue to follow this
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jenna: welcome back, everyone to fox news as we continue to follow this developing story out of boston. just after 11:30 eastern time, here's what we do know. there is an active search underway for the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing. if you're just joining us this morning, here's what we do know. here are the highlights of our latest reporting. now earlier this morning one of the two suspects in the
8:36 am
boston marathon bombings was killed in a shootout with a massachusetts transit police at about 6:45 this morning, boston time authorities identified the remaining suspect as 19-year-old, dzhokhar tsarnaev, a chechen immigrant and student who has been attending boston area schools for the past few years. right now we're awaiting an update from the massachusetts state troopers and the boston police department. we've been waiting for that for nearly an hour now. as soon as that breaks we'll bring it back to watertown, massachusetts. for the time-being we want to go back to washington, d.c. bret baier is standing by. we know these two suspects have been in and around the boston area for the last several years according to the latest reports but we know anything where they have traveled during that time? >> jenna, that's a great question. that is something that the fbi is looking at very closely. we confirmed very early this morning. that dzhokhar tsarnaev, the man you're looking at there, suspect number two, arrived
8:37 am
in the u.s. with his family in 2002. what we didn't know from law enforcement officials when tamerlan tsarnaev may have arrived. whether it was 2002 or some other time. this is how "the wall street journal" is reporting it. quote, meanwhile u.s. law enforcement officials say the two brothers came to the u.s. at different times. one with his parents in 2002. this be dzhokar, and the other on his own in 2004. the counterterrorism officials have been scouring records for intersections of the two men officials said. i talked to a source about your question, what they're doing. they're looking into travel records, anything these two men may have done from that point forward. the phrase that we had from multiple law enforcement officials, overseas training or some level of training for them to operate as they have over the past days since monday when the bombing happened. one saying, quote, hard to
8:38 am
believe these two men operate as they have from the bombing on without help or training, perhaps, training overseas. they're trying to track every possible movement. now they have the names. they're looking at tickets, airline tickets and anything else. jenna: one of the questions to follow-up on that, pretty, and i'm sure this is something you've been tossing around with some of your sources as well, we do not actually know their official legal status and that would be something interesting as far as where they have traveled and how they have fon back and forth between countries if indeed that what they have done and quite frankly we don't know that right now. >> we don't and i expect we'll get that information fairly soon because that probably is easier to get than other information that we're also searching for. they would like to see, you know, how, as a young man, dzhokar may have been radicalized. if you think he came into the country as nine years old. the older man, tamerlan tsarnaev who is now dead,
8:39 am
was believed to be the leader. law enforcement officials talking about it just have emphasized that they thought that judging by the videotape, actions, what they have seen, they thought he looked like a leader in a leader position in, in the bombing itself. the question about chechnya is interesting. it is not necessarily chechnya. as jennifer griffin reported, this family apparently moved to central asia before coming to the u.s. they may have bounced around. there is also, you know, a tie between chechen terrorists and radical islamists including al qaeda that goes back really to the 90's. the number two man, al-zawahiri, went to georgia in the '90s it try to find a base there and there was a big fight between the georgian military and the u.s. actually helped back
8:40 am
then in the pankezi gorge. since then chechen terrorists have been a part of the a number of different incidents around the globe, in afghanistan, in central asia and even africa and libya. jenna: some important context for us to consider today. leads nicely into the next report we have, bret, back to you in our d.c. bureau as we get more information there. jon: jennifer griffin has been doing great reporting on this story throughout and we don't know a great deal at this point about these suspects although the amount of information that has come out since 5:00 p.m. yesterday is still rather astounding. you're looking now at a shot of the home of the uncle of these two suspects. this is montgomery village maryland, in the bethesda area. the uncle has been rather outspoken what he thinks his surviving nephew should do. our national security correspondent, jennifer griffin has that. jennifer? >> reporter: thank you, jon.
8:41 am
a fascinating press conference from the uncle. he lives not far from where i myself live. he finished a very heated press conference he said that his nephews actions had nothing to do with chechnya. he was outraged by their actions. take a listen. >> i don't know. i seen them as kids and if i, even slightly be aware that they were involved in either the first one i would be the first one to bring them into responsibility. >> were they ever caught up in the fighting in chechnya? >> they have never been with chechnya. has nothing to do with dhech yaw. chechens are different. chechens are peaceful people. >> were they born in chechnya? >> no they were not born there. >> where we they born? dzhokar was born in a neighboring region to chechnya. >> you haven't seen them for years? >> seen them for years.
8:42 am
>> when you saw them did you recognize them? >> i saw them this morning when i was contacted with 7:00 a.m. with reporters. >> when you saw their pictures on the news do you recognize them. >> this pictures, have you seen the pictures my wife opened up internet and, on aol i saw picture of dzhokar. >> what do you say to him right now? >> i say dzhokar, if you're alive, turn yourself in. and ask for forgiveness and the victims from the injured, and from those who left ask forgiveness from these people. we're not required forgiveness in this family. he put a shame, he put a shame on our family, the starni family. he put a shame on the entire chechen ethnicity, everyone plays with the word chechen. so they put that shale on
8:43 am
the entire ethd necessarity. that's what i would say. turn yourself in!. >> reporter: that is the uncle of the man who is wanted right now, the number two bomber in the marathon many bolling. he says that his, he completely distances himself from his nephews. he said they weren't even born in chechnya. one of them was born in daogstan, nearby, where the father of the bomber was associated by the press earlier today. that is on part of the border with chechnya. they are not chechen nationalists. they bring shame to the chechnya. he apologized to the victims. bombing. he was outraged. he lives down here in the boston area in bethesda, maryland. he finished a press conference on his front lawn. the anger that he felt he heard it was his two nephews. he ruled out the idea this had anything to do with chechnya, jon. jon: worth pointing out
8:44 am
these are individuals who apparently carried out these acts and everybody has to be aware it is not any one ethnic group. it is not an entire family. so far as we know, two young men. but i know, jennifer, that authorities there at the pentagon, the national security agency, the cia, other places like that where you have a lot of very deep contacts they doing everything they can to find out about the travel habits of these two young men and whether they had any support from overseas in these activities. what can you tell us along those lines? >> reporter: absolutely. in fact what we know they have been looking since minute one, they have been looking at that video trying to see what activity, what i'm told is the first nine to 10 minutes on twitter and on facebook and on social media, those are the key minutes to look before things start disappearing, where see the real activity. that is where our intelligence agencies, the in sa and others they look and they start to look for patterns and they try to see behavior and they may not know the name of what
8:45 am
they're looking for but they see activity and they can hone in on it. so again they have been looking very closely and what's interesting about these two brothers is they seem to have used social media quite openly and yet they both are very smart people from all accounts, from their father, from others who went to school with them. these were honor students. these were not, these were very bright people. one was a medical student who was in his second year of medical school. and the one who is missing right now. and the hunt is on for him. so, it is very interesting, as they work their way through the social media sites, but also they're going to look at did they go overseas for training? because there are some indications from the briefings that took place on capitol hill this morning that they are looking, whether these two left the country and may have gone for training either in north africa, libya or whether they went over to afghanistan and central asia. there are some, that's what they're looking at. we did hear early this
8:46 am
morning from authorities that they thought there may be some possibility of that jon. jon: jennifer griffin there at the pentagon. let's just take you back because at 5:00 p.m. yesterday the fbi, 5:00 p.m. eastern time, the fbi released photos of two men who were captured on surveillance video near the finish line of the boston marathon. one wearing a white hat. one wearing a black hat. this is photo that i believe came out 4:00 a.m. this morning. this is essentially the same photos that were released at that news conference yesterday. at that point, the man in the black hat there, tamerlan tsarnaev, 26 years old, at the time photos were released 5:00 p.m. yesterday, he had nine hours or less to live. at about 10:00 p.m. last night there was a robbery reported at a 7-eleven convenience store on, near the mit campus. about 20 minutes after that an mit police officer was found in his cruiser shot dead. now that apparently look
8:47 am
place just a couple blocks away from that 7-eleven robbery. whether or not he was responding to that robbery. whether he was staking it out, we do not know. but things developed very quickly from there. apparently about an hour and a half after that, one of the suspects took some money out of an atm card, atm machine i should say. then at, then the chase began. there were homemade bombs and other weaponry hurled at police and another police officer was hit. and, and the 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev was pronounced dead at about 1:45 this morning. jenna: we have just talked to about everybody on the scene there, jon. fbi, s.w.a.t. team. taking a look at firefighters. we're awaiting a police briefing in the area. we've been waiting for about an hour. obviously still a developing story and we learn more, the live scene.
8:48 am
there are the microphones ready to go we'll bring you back to that location. secretary kerry just arrived at the white house as well. really all hands on deck for the story. massachusetts senator scott brown, former massachusetts scott brown is now back in boston. he is also a fox news contributor. and, senator, it be good being back in your hometown after being away for a few days as the story developed. what are you seeing and hearing today? >> well, obviously i want to first of all thank the law enforcement personnel. obviously we've had another loss of life and i understand another officer is battling out of surgery. our thoughts and prayers go out to them. obviously very thankful for the efforts and flawless and seamless transition between the federal, state and municipal and law enforcement personnel. boston is basically a ghost town. there are some businesses open. those are reflection of people already gotten in. i pulled in about the 6:15 this morning. had six or seven convoys of
8:49 am
officers, motorcycles, swat steams, cruisers going in and out of traffic to get in. there is obviously officers all over. i was able to go up to the finish line for bottom boston marathon. once again it is certainly cordoned off, a ghost town up there. but people are concerned. they don't think they're in any danger in boston per se but they're flabbergasted and shock something like this could happen. almost like reading a crime thriller, a terrorist thriller. it is very, very scary and disconcerting. jenna: for all of us even outside of boston. so many questions still remain, senator. we're checking out a live scene in watertown, massachusetts. >> yeah. jenna: it is interesting, just to note that watertown massachusetts came on our radar a few years ago when three pakistani men who authorities alleged supplied funds times square bombing suspect,fy sal shahzad, they
8:50 am
were arrested in watertown, massachusetts. raises questions and we don't have anything to go on. tell us what the watertown community is like, who lives in there area what do we need to know about watertown? >> watertown is a bedroom community for boston. it is an historic people. a lot of great people there. multicultural. it changed in terms of ethnicity of the city over the years. you know it is 10 miles west of boston. and, i know that they're just shaking their heads as well. a lot of people are deeply concerned. what i found interesting also seems when they were able to drop the bombs, obviously during the boston marathon there was no contact with individuals but the one-time they had contact with somebody is when they obviously did the carjacking. they had an actual contact with somebody and they let him go. i found that very curious. i think that interpersonal relationship, obviously
8:51 am
something happened that person is being debriefed and apparently information was gleaned from that but this whole thing is deeply disturbing. some of the questions i ask and i'm sure you and others ask, is there anyone else? are there tent can tells -- tentacles coming down from the what individuals? were they brought in as a cell years ago? were they homegrown and developed this way over time? a lot of questions. hopefully we'll find this kid alive and get the information and hopefully he will face the death penalty. jenna: susan rice arrived at the while house. well-put you put it, senator, what sort of the tentacles out there. is this just two individuals or is this more. getting back to the question why watertown? doesn't appear it would be on anyone's radar for any particular reason regarding this particular crime. >> watertown is like virtually every other community surrounding boston. it is a very diverse community. i know they're going to be hurting. there will a large amount of
8:52 am
healing needed because they will have a black eye on them because of this situation. knowing a lot of people from watertown, they're resilient and they're hard-working and, in massachusetts, listen, being from massachusetts we're very resilient. this is where our freedom and democracy began. we are americans first and we'll band together especially with the love and prayers and help that the entire, the entire country and parts of the world have given us. what it also does it makes us keenly aware that we are targets. that people want to change the way we live and change the freedoms that we have and instill terror like you're seeing right here. that is the whole, that is the whole role of terrorism, make us fearful and the way we do business. the way you fight back and stand tall and continue driving on doing what you're doing and also keeping safety paramount in your mind. jon: senator, jon scott joining you right now. as you know they did change the way boston does
8:53 am
business. the governor had to order the shutdown of the mta. public buses are not running. virtually there is no activity taking place in the boston area. i suppose that is out of an abundance of caution. >> yeah you have to do that. it is certainly have -- >> cowardsers isolate punks or cowards can bring a city to a standstill. >> yeah but safety first. you obviously know this i was able to go outside a bit coming to the studio here. the dunkin' donuts is open. a lot of people trying to get to the airports and trying to get home on amtrak. amtrak from boston to providence is canceled. amtrak is still a question whether they will come in. you have a 3 1/2 mile faa advisesy over the city of watertown. no taxis are allowed to pick up anybody in boston the governor is asking everyone
8:54 am
shelter in place obviously. the mbta which is our transit is not traveling anywhere. so right now everything is in lockdown. i'll tell you what, people get it. they understand what is at stake here. they understand that everybody throughout the world is watching and we need to give our law enforcement personnel the tools and the ability their jobs and do it well without worrying about any civilian casualties being part of this whole situation. jon: and they have done that job well. i mean, you know, from the minute the fbi released the photographs, i mean the responses to these various criminal events that took place in and around cambridge, boston, watertown, were met with an overwhelming response. >> yeah. jon: you've got all kinds of police aunl sis there up to and including the national guard. >> as a member of the national ard i'm keenly aware what their role is and their role is certainly to make sure that obviously the state is safe and secure and be there as a backstop to the law enforcement personnel. but i will tell you what, i
8:55 am
don't think we'll be getting back to normal anytime soon. my thoughts and prayers as you know, i don't know if you're aware of this, but one. mit officer that was killed has a brother-in-law serving in afghanistan so they're aware of it this is wide-ranging obviously effects on anybody. i want to commend commissioner ed davis. i've been in contact with him. he's done a great job and they are laser focused. ironically you're right, i had a feeling i'm sure you did too with the amazing amount of social media the way everything goes viral. here it is the kids dropped bags off, good, too crowded no one will see anything. all of sudden pictures go out and they're saying oh, my goodness. they obviously click understood action. you have the complex as you so correctly illustrated in your break down. here we are today, trying to find the last guy. jenna: we're all trying to make sense of it, senator. nice to have your perspective it as always. look forward to talking to you. if you would stand by with
8:56 am
us. still a story we're very much watching jon as we watch it develop minute by minute. jon: the search for the man on the right of your screen, dzhokhar tsarnaev goes on right now. his brother, 26-year-old tamerlan, dead in the middle of the night with some kind of a confrontation with police. we're continuing coverage. back in a moment. >> the best description i could give this good normal kid didn't want to harm anybody. he wrestled for cambridge. i think he played soccer too. went to the gym. worked out a lot. did boxing and he was really nice guy. the image i want to put out what i thought of him and any signs that i just want to say any signs of him doing something like this, i didn't --
8:57 am
8:58 am
woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days.
8:59 am
everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. jon: fox news alert. and breaking developments in the manhunt for the two suspects wanted for the fbi and massachusetts authorities, looking to solve what happened
9:00 am
at the finish line of the boston marathon four days ago on monday. here what is we know. there are fast-breaking developments. one suspect is dead, his younger brother on the loose right now. there was a shootout which left a college campus police officer dead, after that a chase ensued in the middle of the night which left a transit officers severely wounded. at about 6:45 this morning authorities identified the surviving suspect as city-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev a chechny khefp chechen immigrant, a college two accident. an active manhunt is underway. shots have been fired, so far as we know no sign of him. we are awaiting a press conference by the boston police department. i'm jon scott.
9:01 am
jenna: we are expecting to hear from authorities on the ground in boston at any moment. when that happens we will bring you there live. that will be the latest information for all of us here at fox. we want to share that with you. we have a team of reporters as well as aping than anchors covering all angles of this story. memorial day habill hemmer has been up all night. molly line is in watertown, massachusetts. steve harrigan has the latest checks on thon the chechen suspects. martha maccallum right here with us in the studio up to speed with what is going on with all the breaking developments. all hands on deck as we mentioned. we want to start with you i will b bill in boston as you covered this developing part, this khapt chapter and shore --
9:02 am
khapt sister and storchapter through the night. >> we do not know where suspect one is at the moment. we don't know if he's been accounted for, accounted for him sepl. whether or not the stew different shootouts we witnessed in the town of watertown massachusetts resulted in anything. we are waiting for police to brief us on. us we are the near the finish line on boylston street. watertown, massachusetts is ten miles west of here up the charles river, a town of about 30,000 that has woken up to a lockdown today. businesses have been told not to open, police have one telling residence there to stay home. and they've been telling people driving their cars, simply stay off the street. that is an extraordinary development when you think about that, moving right to left on the graphic you see there, the marathon bombing site is where we are. across the river at mit is where the first tip came in around
9:03 am
10:30 last night eastern time and that's when police rer sued the two men -- pursued the two men wanted terrorists to watertown, massachusetts. one is dead, age t-f, the younger brother age 19 is still wanted. we have getting updates at the white house. the president fully wear of this in the situation room. something the fbi put out at 4:00am this is the clearest sight of the two brothers together standing side-by-side here the finish line around 2:30 in the afternoon, monday afternoon, the finish line of the boston marathon. you can clearly see, jenna, that the descriptions for these two men, the 26-year-old known as suspect number one, he's wearing sunglasses. look at the younger brother, age 19, still on the loose, still on the run, he's doing very little to conceal his identity, and what does that tell us?
9:04 am
we're working through our experts to try and analyze that for us and we are waiting for the police to brief us in at town, massachusetts. it -- watertown, massachusetts. it has been the kind of day that has turned on a dime. we are not quite sure when the next turn will come. we are waiting for it here live in the back bay of boston massachusetts. >> you've been on the scene since monday when the terrorist attack happened at the boston marathon. we've had developments overnight with the two brothers focused on, we had them identified and they are still looking for one. the whole city of boston is on a shut down. i'm wondering if you can compare what it looked like today where you are compared to the last several days. does it seem like the public is helping law enforce many in their efforts here? >> far less paragraph here. i don't want to give you the impression that the t-t city is not working. there are cars that drive by here, taxis and trucks. you're right to point out that the city date break said
9:05 am
essentially stay home. they called bus service on, put mass transit on home. the famed t in boston the commuter rail system is not up and running. you think some of the world's greatest university are shut down. boston college, boston university, harvard, mit no khragser fo classes for today. the taxis were told to not pick up passengers, stay off the street. that gives you a sense of what is happening across the greater boston area. in watertown specifically looking at the cameras ten miles from here they are taking this quite seriously. i don't see many people on the sidewalk in the streets there. a bit of a different story in the back bay of boston. it is much more subdued. we are standing literally above the massachusetts turnpike, interstate 90. it runs east-west below our live location here. there was a period of 60 minutes, 90 minutes where could could not go 30 seconds without hearing hearing a i siren.
9:06 am
what that tells us there was a lot of police activity happening behind the scenes. what we do not know is if they are think any closer to finding the 19-year-old wanted terrorist today. jenna: a burning question for all of us. we are awaiting the briefing that will be happening in watertown. there is a live shot of all the microphones. we have been waiting for 90 minutes. we heard previously after the busy night of news that we had a briefing would take place around 10:30. 10:30 boston time. we are widely past that now and a big question is what is going on behind the scenes? jon: no surprise because events are changing by the minute in this story, and in this pursuit of the one surviving suspect we know about, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. this reaches aupl the way up to the -- all the way up to the white house. the president is we under convening right now a security session involving john brennan the head of the cia, we know that ambassador susan rice is there as well. the president's top security
9:07 am
people are meeting in a secure location in the white house to stay updated on what is going on really on the streets of boston, watertown, cambridge and other places in and around boston. our molly line was witness to one of the gun fights we believe that took place just a short time ago as police pursue the 19-year-old man that you see there to the right of your screen, dzhokhar tsarnaev. molly, bring us up to date on what you know and what you saw and heard there in watertown. >> reporter: yeah it's been fascinating. how quickly changes can change in an instant. this area had been quiet for a little while and suddenly teams of officers that are operating all over watertown just converged here in the area, quickly one car drives up blocks off a street. another car drives up blocks off another street and within moments we had armed officers putting on tactical gear, getting out with their guns and yelling at the residents lingering in the area.
9:08 am
a father and child running across the street. a woman told to get down. even now we can see the state police helicopters have been overhead and we look up here there is a blackhawk helicopter cruising across the air, several actually. this of course is headed in the direction of where -- where the media is converged, where all of the staging is occurring. and they are lowering down as they head over towards that area. maybe they'll be landing there. of course they are going out of our range of vision. here is the state police helicopter above yous now. we've been seeing obviously this kind of air traffic with the state police helicopter looming overhead. what we are being told about what happened here at the scene a father and child, they didn't want to talk to us on camera. he said his son was a bit shaken up. he he had been told there was a bomb threat in the area. i actually heard one of the officers yell as a woman in the doorway to get inside and just yell the word bomb. whether or not they are concerned about an actual bomb being placed or just a bomb threat being called in, or the fact that we know the suspect on
9:09 am
the loose may possibly have bombs on his person is unclear, but clearly they felt there was enough of a threat here in this immediate couple of block radius to converge here, try to get the neighbors to go back inside, to check things out and almost as quickly as they got here they wrapped back up, got back in their vehicles and darted off down the street deeper into the neighborhoods possibly to check some other call out. that's what we've been seeing. it will be all quiet and suddenly you'll see numerous law enforcement officers from all varying agencies converge on a given area. we've seen everyone from the atf to big tactical units, military units. clearly they are ready for anything and when things happen they are ready to move. we have seen that all throughout the day. jon. jon: the chopper that we see circling overhead we believe that to be applies chopper is that correct, molly? >> well now it's actually left the area. we thought that was a smaller state police chopper and then we saw obviously the the bigger
9:10 am
more military choppers cross over head. that was the first time today we saw that. they are headed in the direction of where the -- jon: the one that's on our screen now, which you may not be able to see appears to be a blackhawk. that would probably be a national guard chopper at some point -- of some kind. >> a couple of blackhawks went overhead. that was the first time today that we saw that. also throughout the day we've seen what we think is a state police chopper, or applies helicopter one of the small white-blue painted helicopters. jon: let me take folks back to the middle of the night and i want to get your thoughts on this. molly, because we understand that there was a robbery on the outskirts of the mit campus, a robbery of a 711 store. from that robbery authorities were able to get yet another mugshot of the guy that you see on the right of your screen there, not a mugshot but a surveillance shot, dzhokhar tsarnaev. there was a robbery of this came
9:11 am
bridge, 711, about 20 minutes later police found dead an mit police officer, a campus police officer shot in his patrol car. that gave rise to some kind of applies chase and we are to understand that it ended there in watertown where you are after these two suspects, the two brothers, dzhokhar who survives and tamerlan who is dead after they were hurling explosives and bombs even some of the pressure cooker bombs, the kind used at the boston marathon hurling them out the cars at the police and all of this ended in watertown where you are, isn't that right, molly? exactly. we moved about a mile from where that scene had been blocked off. we were there this morning, very, very early this morning around 3:00 on the perimeter of where that had occurred and the vehicle was still there, because they had carjacked this vehicle, held an individual in that vehicle for about a half an hour before releasing him incredibly he is unhurt, moving the rest of
9:12 am
the way to watertown there were explosives being thrown out, a gun fight with an mbta officer who is instrumenting lynn for his life in the hospital. -- struggling for his life in the hospital. the vehicle was recovered by police, and of course is part of the investigationment we saw it being towed out earlier -- investigation. we saw it being towed out earlier today. the back window was blown-out, the side we could see what appeared to be bullet holes down the side of the vehicle, it had been clearly beat up with the side window blown-out as well. he scene. they are collecting the evidence. they will be able to gather what they can from this vehicle that the explosives were being thrown from in the course of this very dangerous chase that has resulted in the injury of this officer. jenna: we want to give our viewers more context here as you continue to see the live picture of the helicopter hovering there. where are these helicopters going? apparently they are hand aing at a best buy parking lot or roof or something like that.
9:13 am
molly mentioned to us different staging areas that are in watertown now because it is an active crime scene. and still so many questions remain about why watertown? why were these guys there? apparently there is an address that could be their home. but yet we don't have any leads on the man that is on your screen there dzhokhar. one other point of clarification, facts not no matter how big or small, we understand that the robbery that we've all heard about at the 711 really wasn't a robbery of a 711 or convenience store, it was a carjacking at a local gas station. and those of you that are just joining us might not know that the person that was carjacked in the middle of the night by these two brothers was let go mysteriously about a half an hour after he was taken, and when he left he was able to get out of his car, he was able to be let go, he dialed authorities right away to say, listen, i think i was with these guys.
9:14 am
so, molly if you would, in the area of watertown, and maybe we can also show the map, i want to leave that live picture up as much as we can of the helicopter but there are a series of communities in the area that are on the same sort of shut down or watch as watertown. just tell us a little bit if you could about these communities. are they college communities? are they sur suburbs of bass boston who lives in these areas. >> one thing about massachusetts there are a multitude of colleges across boston. plenty of them in boston, boston is known for its universities. that is a given. there is a tremendous amount of educational facilities. a lot of young people in and around boston if and in all of these bedroom communities. watertown among them. i live up here. this is a community that i'm in often. it's a very diverse community, a lot of great ethnic restaurants. we are standing down the street from an armenian deli where you can pick up great greek food.
9:15 am
like any other community there are thai coffee shops and a really diverse community that is mixed in. very urban at the same time there are businesses and homes all mixed in in one community. you don't necessarily get a truly suburban feel there is a very urban feel here in watertown. the cambridge area of course that is where harvard is, that's where possibly the suspects have this strong tie to the cambridge area. a well-known college community as well. austin brighton is a neighborhood where there are a tremendous amount of young people. a lot of kids graduate from colleges in massachusetts and are staying here to get their first jobs, that is a young part of town, an area where you might get your first apartment after graduating from school. a the hro of great restaurants and -- a lot of great restaurants and a great place for 20-somethings to congregate that neighborhood. over the river is newton, one of the wealth year communities in boston, one of the most expensive high schools in the state. raoefl i diverse -- really
9:16 am
diverse and different communities around the city of boston. jenna. jon: molly line reporting there live from watertown, massachusetts. molly thanks very much. one of the mysteries in all of this is how after this incredible gun battle that involved apparently these two suspects hurling explosives out of their stolen carjacked car in the middle of the night, how in the world did the man on the right of your screen, dzhokhar tsarnaev get away? police haven't said yet, but perhaps we are about to get some answers. they are pursuing him, his 26-year-old brother tamerlan tsarnaev is dead. jenna: there is indication that these two brothers that you're seeing on your screen here are very familiar with the area. why water down? we are waiting for a lot of tpopb fi confirmation here. this is where they lived for maybe ten years we are getting reports. they want to know whether they
9:17 am
had any travel during the time they lived here. this there is a lock at mit as well as where the terrorist attack on the far right of your screen took place on monday. you can see watertown not that far away. also in whats town is eric shawn -- dash watertown is eric shawn. we are await ago press briefing, very much looking forward to fresh information and where we are at in the investigation right now. >> we should get the information momentarily now. we are told by the state police that massachusetts governor deval patrick will be here briefing reporters. also scheduled the the boston police chiefed davis. you may get an explanation as to the two blackhawks that touched down at the watertown mall. tke did get a lucky break early this morning when the gray honda crv was found abandoned in came bridge. place say the two brothers at one point were in that vehicle during a wild night of the
9:18 am
shootout and the shootings, and even throwing homemade ied's and explosives devices, including apparently a one of those pressure cookers out the window of the car as they drove. those ied's still set to be on -- stayed to be on the street. they have not been decommissioned because the focus right now is the manhunt for dzhokhar. obviously there is a sense sources have told fox news that he is still in the area, this 20-block wide area of watertown, completely shut down, and being investigated thoroughly, and in boston and here in watertown basically two cities that are basically shut down. people as we've been reporting told to stay inside. you're dealing with more than a million people, people being told if you're in the streets in your car don't picnic up. the subway service, the bus service completely canceled. businesses closed. it is really a paralyzed situation as boston waits with
9:19 am
baited breath to see if dzhokhar can be taken aeu lie. federal -- alive. federal sources telling fox news that is the hope so they could find out more information about what caused hem thi them to do this. is this large of a broader plot? questions unanswered. you consider the history of two brothers as told by friend who i talked to this morning near their home in cambridge they had been here for ten years. one student i spoke to a classmate said that she knew him from 7th grade. they describe both brothers as pretty popular. tamerlan 26 years old was a renowned local boxer they say. dzhokhar was on the wreg link team. they -- wrestling team. they loved sports. i talked with one of his former friend from high school, and he said he was totally stunned when he woke up this morning and found out that the suspect was
9:20 am
dzhokhar. jenna: good context for us there. locals in the community are waking up to find that maybe the people they've become familiar with in corner stores or at school are the people that the fbi wanted to talk to, one being dead, the one on your screen there still very much alive and at large according to the information we have. we are awaiting a press briefing. some of you might be wondering why are we staying on this live picture? this has to do with the fact that we have are a live press briefing coming up. at two different points this morning around 8:30 eastern time, around 10:30 eastern time shots were fired and we don't really know where the shots came from, or what they were about. so this is still very much an active scene in watertown, massachusetts, a press briefing by local law enforcement as eric just told us deval patrick, the governor, said to be on the scene as well. as we learn more we will bring you back to watertown, massachusetts, but continuing coverage here on fox news.
9:21 am
>> could have an ied explosive device on him. please use extreme caution. again, use extreme caution in the area of brighton, watertown and cambridge. >> there is a s.w.a.t. seem team ha has a house surrounded at this time. unknown if it's a device at this time. >> came under the radio the suspect is posting online he's going to kill everyone because we killed his brother. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight.
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getting underway momentarily, because bomb squad vehicles, helicopters, and other safety tools have been rolling into position. obviously they want to make sure that everybody, these high authorities giving the news conference will be safe. we believe that news conference is going to be taking place momentarily. jenna: the state police there, are what we saw in the big tank-like vehicles that turned
9:26 am
the corner. as you saw if you were watching with us a few moments ago these helicopters landing nearby at a best buy parking lot or a best buy roof where they are able to land cleanly. a lot of law enforcement still on the scene. we want to take a moment away from watertown. we'll leave some of the live pictures. there's been a lot of questions raised about chechnya and origin of these two individuals. >> caller: i >> caller: r-r is standing by with more on that -- martha maccallum is standing by with more on that. >> we heard from the uncles of these young terrorists that they are being called this morning and for a very good reason. he said he believed it has nothing to to do with khefp why are. it has raised -- chechnya. it has raised yes, sir on whether they were trained and where and the background that may provide clues about what this is all about. steve harrigan looking into this this morning. he joins me live there miami. good morning. >> i expect a lot of people are wondering just where chechnya is
9:27 am
on the map and why for whatever reason chechens might try and carry out a terror attack against the u.s. in 1994 back in moscow i was wondering where chechnya was on the map as well because they just started a war with rush you sha. russia said the war would last two hours, that they would clean it up. that war lasted ten years, an extremely brutal war. over the past decade since we've seen a number of brutal terrorist attacks carried out by chechens but the targets have always been inside russia. a theater attack you remember where many patrons were gased to death and a brutal attack against an elementary school which shocked the entire world. we've seen brutal terrorist attacks against russia. they have a gripe against russia, they say they invaded, attacked and destroyed their country. it was a brutal war when you got out of an armed personnel carrier in the main city it
9:28 am
looked like you were walk being on the moon. -- walking on the moon. it surprised me this morning to hear that chechnya could be behind this attack. the u.s. has criticized russia for it's treatment of chechnya. if their target is no longer russia but something wider now including the u.s. i remember when the war first started in chechnya you would go into chechen houses, they were ordinary people, policemen and school teachers. fast forward a few years after people lost family members, after villages got wiped out it was a very different people. you could really see the war rad today hraoeuz the chechen people. you couldn't doe down there any more as a journalist, you'd get kidnapped or get your throat slit. for the past 20 years chechnya
9:29 am
is one of the most dangerous places. we've seen sad cals go in to chechnya fighting the russians. we've seen them in afghanistan and iraq and the first time seeing them on the u.s. home lapd, martha perhaps. jenna: thank you so much for the background. it's a big unraveling story in terms of where the origins of this in and these two men. steve harrigan in miami, thank you, steve. jon. jon: it appears that we may get to answers a little bit more of the story may inc unravel before our eyes, martha what's get ready for the news conference. some of the black suv's carrying some of the dignitaries who will be speaking appear to be delivering the folks who will be the key players at this news conference including deval patrick the governor of the commonwealth of massachusetts. it has been delayed for more than an hour but as you know details, developments have been changing by the minute here. it all started at about 5:00pm
9:30 am
eastern time last evening when the fbi released photos of two men, suspects, in connection with the bombing at the boston marathon on monday. at about 5:00pm the fbi said that they actually had video of one of those two men actually dropping a bomb or dropping a backpack i should say that later exploded. that suspect is the man you see on -- in the white hat on the right of your screen, he has been identified as dzhokhar tsarnaev a 19-year-old who was apparently working in concert with his older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, the guy in the black hat. tamerlan tsarnaev is dead now. authorities at the hospital said that he hhat they call bullet holes in his body they were not able to count them but it is also believed that some of what peered his body after a confrontation with police may have been shrapnel from a bomb that these men were carrying. jenna: it brings the latest
9:31 am
report from "the washington post" really to light. these two brothers took a car from a man yet to be identified, but "the washington post" apparently has sources that have spoken directly with him. here is the scene that they paint, that overnight sometime between the hours of it seems 10:00pm to about 1:00am these two brothers carjacked an individual, and apparently after they did so they forced the driver out of the car at different locations and different bank machines, according to "the washington post" they were able to withdraw several hundred dollars out of these tiff rent atm machines. that fits more or less with earlier reporting that we had about maybe dzhokhar being the one that was getting out of the car and going to an, a tm and that potentially being one piece of the puzzle about how they were able to identify bryan stow and his brother and find out their location -- dzhokhar and his brother and find out their location. a scary situation for the man
9:32 am
carjacked and who wasn't harmed, but tells "the washington post" that these two brothers bragged to him that they bragged to him that they were the boston marathon bombers. so lots of information still coming out at this time. jon: a lot of speculation has already taken place as to, you know, whether they were thinking they would be able to get away with it, whether they thought they would just melt somehow inch visibly into the crowds -- inch visibly into the crowds at the marathon. the fact that these two were, you know, carjacking cars in the middle of the night would lead you to believe that they didn't necessarily have an escape plan. we are ae awaiting in news conference. it looks like it will begin any moment now. here is mayor tsarn knee menino
9:33 am
of boston. so much has transpired since 5:00pm eastern time yesterday when the fbi released photographs of the two suspects wanted in connection with the boston marathon bombings. the latest from the governor deval patrick. >> a couple of points i want to make, myself as the mayor, kernel albin and the chief of the watertown police force, chief devoe. we will not be able to take questions, i'm sorry. i know you have many. first of all i want to -- we all want to thank the members of the public who have -p a pwaeuded honored our request to stay indoors. it's been enormously important and helpful to the many, many in law enforcement who are trying to do their jobs, and we thank all of you for helping to get
9:34 am
that message out. the stay indoor request continues for the time being. that is unchanged. there are continuing developments in the investigation which we will be able to talk about not now, but later, but it is important that folks remain indoors and not open the door -- keep the doors locked and not open the door unless there is a uniformed identified law enforcement officer on the other side of it requesting to come inside. i think that's all i want to offer. mr. mayor. >> thank you all for being with us today. thank you for your patience. this is all part of the work that the public safety officials have done, the state police, the boston police, the national guard, the local. i'm very proud of the work they've done in the last telephone days. also -- several days. also the citizens of the community affected. the shelter in place is working,
9:35 am
people are staying home. as the governor said -- [inaudible] for the next few hours we will continue to gather, that is the public safety's job. my job is to make sure the public safety is informed as best we can. we'll keep the public informed as we get the information. be patient. i'm going to say as the mayor, we have one city, we are a city that will not letter reuss win over. we are here to work hard. we are going to get through this. we will be a stronger city as we move forward. thank you very much .
9:36 am
>> my name is timothy abin. i'm the lieutenant colonel of the boston state police. we are continuing to run down leads and things change and change quickly and sometimes we have to change direction. i want to begin by saying we are progressing through this neighborhood going door to door, street to street. we are well over 60 or 70% of what we want to cover up there. we do not have any development to tell you in terms of that search up there. there has been no apprehension at this point. the second thing i want to talk about just briefly is this afternoon there will be a controlled explosion, if you will, by some of the explosive ordinance folks over in cambridge. that is going to happen on
9:37 am
norfolk street as a house that we have secured earlier today. it's done out of an abundance of caution, it's done for the safety of the law enforcement officials that are over there before they proceed with the search of that premises. that will be happening this afternoon as well. our plan at this point is we are going to continue with following up in that neighborhood. we've got several other new leads that just developed within the last few minutes and we are working on that. and i will be back here, i hope, within an hour or slightly above that to give you the next briefing. should we have any development between now and then i'll be back even sooner. so i want to turn it over to chief devoe, please from watertown. >> thank you. i want to thank the media nor getting the word out. there's been a lot of heroic actions that happened last night and early this morning and over the last couple of days as
9:38 am
everybody knows. way -pbt to speak to the watertown community. you've done great, you've done everything we've asked but we need some more time. you have to stay in your homes, stay in place. we -- we still have work to do even after we clear the area there is a major crime scene that will take some time. i've been assured from all the gentlemen behind me this they will not leave until the town is safe. it may go, today, tomorrow and over the weekend before we have the whole crime scene over control. the watertown community has always stood strong and i asked them to do that this morning and they've done terrific. i want to thank them. thank you. >> thank you folks. >> thank you. jon: as they said at the outset they would not take questions, and we really didn't get as many answers as i personally had hoped we would get. i thought there would be some kind of a summation of the events, the remarkable events of the last 19 and a half hours or so, every since the fbi released the fo photos of two suspects
9:39 am
wanted in connection with setting off the bombs at the finish line at the boston marathon four days ago. we now know their identities. 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev who remains alive and very much wanted. his picture is the one that you see on the right of your screen there. his 26-year-old older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev died in the middle of the night after an incredible police chase and a shootout. let's try and take you back to how that began. at about 5:00pm -- well 5:00pm was the rerelease of the photographs. at 10:00pm there was a report of a robbery at a 711 just off the mit campus in came bridge. about 20 minutes after that gunshots were heard a couple blocks away and an mit police officer was found shot to death apparently in his patrol car. whether he had been responding to the robbery we do not know. that led to a carjacking, a man
9:40 am
who had a mercedes suv was carjacked at gunpoint, and that in turn led to applies chase. during that police chase of that suv which ended up riddled with bullets, explosives were hurled outside, hurled out of that suv as that chase went through the streets of super satisfactory superb ban boston ending up in watertown, massachusetts. the man you see in the black hat there, suspect number one tamerlan tsarnaev was killed. whether he was killed by police bullets or whether he was culled by an explosion of his own making, that is yet to be determined, but he is dead, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev is dead, his 19-year-old brother, seen here in the white hat, still sought by police and that's why so much of watertown, massachusetts is under quarantine right now. jenna: as the watertown chief of police said to the community and
9:41 am
the teen world watching right now we need more time. you're doing great, he tells the community, but we need more time. we need you to stay indoors as we continue this investigation. one of the things i want to mention as well as we continue our coverage on fox is that the city of boston and some of the surrounding areas that include watertown and cambridge and the like have been on a virtual lockdown. there are people on the streets as our bill hemmer has reported to us, especially in the downtown areas, but in many areas like watertown the streets are quiet as the public is listening to police telling them to stay inside. one other thing we should mention there has been flight restrictions over this area, over this community, over boston this morning and we just learned that amtrak is suspending all service between new york and boston indefinitely right now. so a great deal of precaution being us used, jon, right now as basically the latest and greatest information is that we
9:42 am
know who we are looking for, but we don't know where he is yet. jon: and how he was able to get away after this incredible police chase is something yet to be determined. that is not to fault the police in anyway. they have done tremendous work in identifying, locating, and apprehending these suspects. and in the chaos of this middle of the night police chase that ended well somewhere around midnight, some time between midnight and 1:00am, that is when the older suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev was killed, the younger brother, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev seen here, suspect number two in the white hat, he somehow got away, he's the one they are looking for. is he hiding in a garage? is he under a car? has he burst into somebody's house and is holding them at gunpoint? we don't know. neither do the police, as far as we understand. we'll be back with more coverage of this breaking news in just a moment.
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9:46 am
>> our request continues for the time being that is unchanged. there are continuing developments in the investigation which we will be able to talk about not now but later. but it is important that folks remain indoors and not open the door, keep the doors locked and not open the door unless there is a uniformed, identified law enforcement officer on the other side of it requesting to come inside. jenna: some scary moments for the community of watertown, massachusetts, that is a live shot that you she on your screen there. the massachusetts state police tell fox news that right now they estimate that their search is 60 to 70% complete but the man on the right of your screen his first name dzhokhar is the man that they say is one of the men responsible for the murders of four people and injuring more than 150. bill hemmer is live on the scene
9:47 am
in massachusetts in the city of boston continuing to watch this story as it unfolds, bill. >> reporter: i found a couple of telling things in the press conference for the second straight time they have taken no questions. why is that? it could very well be that the police and the fbi are concerned that this kid could be watching tv or monitoring perhaps a computer, or a cellphone, and if he is he could pick up information that the police give out at these press conferences that could be the explanation that -- as to why there are he no questions. really they are keeping it on a cursory level. i thought it was also telling they said 60 to 70% of the search area has been covered but we need some more time, and the governor deval patrick imploring the people in watertown and cambridge to stay indoors, and if someone comes to your door, if they come knocking on your door, don't answer it. that is a remarkable thing to hear, i am certain, for the people living in those two communities just west of our position here. several new leads in the past
9:48 am
few minutes, let's see whether or not they pan you the, whether they play out, oftentimes when they get these leads they'll delay the press conferences which they just did over the past two hours. we are watching this right now. for the people in these communities keep your doors locked and stay indoors, what a remarkable address that is again now pushing toward day five after the boston bombings here at the marathon. jenna: as the chief of police said in watertown we need more time. that is what he's asking for from the public. still so many questions remain. back to you in a moment in boston. jon there are a lot of questions about, where we're at really in this investigation as bill points out. jon: it has been an incredible turn of events ever since the fbi released the photographs last evening. let's talk about it with christopher voss. he is a hostage negotiator. there is no hostage situation right now at least as far as we know. they are still looking for this 19-year-ol who somehow got away in the
9:49 am
middle of the night after this incredible police chase that, well it started with one officer being shot to death in his patrol car, an mit police officer, another officer has been gravely wounded during the course of this chase. the brother, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev is dead, and dzhokhar is somewhere in hiding. what do you think about the psycology that went into these two guys in the moments after the fbi released those photographs? >> well, they panicked, and the younger brother from everything that it appears is almost completely relying upon his older brother for guidance and stabilization, and maybe his entire perspective on life and that stabilization is now gone. he's on his own, he's trying to figure things out. so, more than likely if he's in watertown it's daylight and they've got the city locked down as they do, that means he's
9:50 am
probably not moving right now. so if he's not moving they are relying upon his will to live, which he has shown an intense will to live by continuing to want to escape, and they are also -- what was the point that they were trying to make in the first place? if he's killed then that point will never be made. and they would like to try to take him peacefully. they would like to take him alive, not just to find out who else might have been coconspirators in this but to find out what the motivations were behind it so that they can possibly head off any future attacks like this. jon: taking him alive obviously key for the fbi. christopher voss, again a former fbi special agent and hostage negotiator. we have so many more questions for you, but we want to take a short break as we keep our audience updated on the event, the incredible events underway right now in watertown, massachusetts, the two suspects wanted in connection with the boston marathon bombing, the two suspects have been identified
9:51 am
one of them is dead as of 1:35 this morning. the hunt goes on for his younger brother seen on the right of your screen. we will continue our hunt -- continue the hunt and the conversation with christopher voss in just a moment. # .
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
jon: fox news alert the hunt goes on for one of the surviving, the only surviving suspect as far as weigh know in connection with the boston marathon bombing on monday. city-year-olcity-year-old skoez r-city-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. his brother was killed after applies pursuit in the middle of the night. whether he died at the hands of police bullets or some type of self-inflicted explosion yet to be determined. let's continue our conversation with christopher voss a former fbi agent and hostage
9:55 am
negotiator. police want very much to take this guy alive. how do they do that sth the? they are going to be on a hair-trigger. one of their fellow policemen were killed during the night at the hands of one or both of these guys. another officer gravely wounded. how do they take him alive under these circumstances? >> well, jon, they are taking a very deliberate approach as this goes down. the coordination of the massive amount of resources that they have at the scene anyway is being done very deliberately. they are what is known as a cautiously aggressive approach. they understand that this is an extremely dangerous individual, and that there is no point in taking unnecessary risk. so they want to slowly move in, they are taking their time going through watertown and just narrow it down, slice the pie if you will, and just slowly move in on him, so that no one gets surprised. when they have him in a position where they are certain where he's at then they are going to do their best to communicate with him.
9:56 am
if i he's by himself he will not be able to inflict any of the harm he has expressed he wants to inflict and it would be pointless to try to continue to commit violence. his best avenue may be by being taken alive. jon: let's hope they can end this thing without any more bloodshed. there has been far too much already. christopher voss retired from the fbi as a hostage negotiator. christopher, thank you. >> jon thank you very much. jon: i'm jon scott along with jenna lee. thanks for joining us to this point. our coverage continues in just a moment. ideas, goals, appetite for risk. you can't say 'one size fits all'. it doesn't. that's crazy. we're all totally different. ishares core. etf building blocks for your personalized portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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>> welcome back. our continuing coverage continues. i'm megyn kelly, and we're following breaking news in and around the boston area where a manhunt is underway. a man believed to be armed, possibly dangerous, possibly wired with explosives, one of the two men suspected of the monday marathon bombings that

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